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I am a coach, with own lessons learned 

I am Boglar, a person who believes in positive approach, new beginning and power of mindset. My whole life is about understanding known and unknown connections in life and supporting others. 

I am mother of three children, therefore I know how it feels when you have a fulltime job and a family to take care of...I divorced twice, so I am aware how you need to rebuild your life from ruins sometimes...and my youngest son has special needs, so I know how it feels facing a challenge every day which is your personal challenge and you are the only one who can/have to/need to face it. Every day, your entire life.

So, I hear you,  I know your problems and I admit these problems made me also overwhelmed.

I had too big workload, not enough time for myself and my expectations were too high for myself.

I struggled, but knowing that everyone around says “this is life” I just tried to go on and I hoped that it all get back on good track sometime, somehow.

Then some more work and personal challenges came together and after some further months I just lost control: felt paralyzed, passive and useless in my own life. In other words: I had burn out. Until that period I never heard about it and never even thought I may have a problem like this. How can it be that I am not strong enough or I am not motivated enough. Briefly: I am not "enough"... Suddenly I did not even understood myself just had constant stress even with everyday things,  how I ended up so "problematic"?

I felt this is not okay, so I turned to an expert, then with a coach I suddenly saw a clear picture what is going on with me and understand that my body said: this far and no further! Her support changed my approach to myself, my role and basically, towards everything in life.

I realized that I lived according to the needs of others and since many years I did not ever listen to my inner feelings.

After all this, I started to listen to myself and recover.

Then I made a decision: from now I want to help others, it is time for spending each day with a work what really makes a difference. For sure, from this decision until today I faced several problems, tried several methods and followed specific educations to be able to tell: I really can understand what happens when we are at decision points

and we need to work on ourselves.

I learned to see how to see in time that problems coming, how to handle stress, avoid burnout and how can that little precious thing, the trust and love for ourselves -  kept.

I understood that human brain and body has its own rules which we carefully need to keep to stay happy - and that there are many natural ways to keep or get back balance.

You may know that coaching is a mutual win-win process: both parties feel more in harmony after a coaching session. Both feels reinforced, focuses on reducing stress and therefore: preventing burn out.

Besides coaching methods I teach my clients to use physical exercise,  reflexology and breathing techniques with awareness in everyday stress handling.  

I started to deepen and specialize in avoiding and handling burn out.

Since my start I have been guiding mainly expat professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs worldwide online and also in person in the Netherlands, Limburg province.

I do this through personal coaching in combination with holistic therapy.

I get satisfaction and energy from the deeper connection with people.

I help you towards more awareness, self-acceptance and growth.

I help you to find your own path, just like I did.

You will walk your own personal track of harmony and happy living, and work and live from your heart.

I'd love to help you to become the best version of yourself.

Because that makes me truly happy.

I coach from sincere involvement, in a kind and respecting manner.

Intuitively I often know and feel where is the real problem.

I help you to reconnect with yourself.

I support you while you face your own fears and resistance and to find the endless power in yourself to change all these.

To go to deeper layers of your personality, so you first feel better and then you heal.

We initiate a lasting transformation.

By this new consciousness you are more in contact with who you really are.

Your head and heart will be aligned.

After finding your answers, you see the right track to go and you shape your career and life.

Contact me if you are interested in a free introductory meeting or you have any questions.

My Background 


I hold two Master degrees: I am an economist and English Translator/Interpreter. I worked in trade compliance for over a decade. I find languages really useful to connect people and inspiring: having worked and lived in several countries I speak 7 languages.​


Certified Life Coach, Transformation Academy (USA)

Swedish Massage, Holistic Healing Centre (HU)

Coach, CIVAS Opleidingen (NL)

Burn Out Coach, CIVAS Opleidingen (NL)

Science of Well-Being, POH (USA)


I have a holistic approach: I raise awareness for health, lifestyle, breathing and food. Our mental health has several pillars which I help to strenghten. My special area is Burn out and decision points in life.

Who I Help

I help anyone who is ready to make a step towards a well balanced, happy tomorrow. Student, entrepreneurs and employees, young and old. 

How I Do It

I have tailor made coaching packages, each with a free intake session. I have short and long retreats and free online mindfulness meetings.

What's in It for You

We all have hard periods in life and we either learn or win in every situation. In the end, we develop. If you loose your track I help you to get back.

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